... it oscillates smoothly from 30 to 15kHz, bitches!

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We have 30 years experience in delivering electronic development projects from concept through to delivery.  Our compliance experience stretches back to the inception of BS5750 and the EMC directive..  Our PhD qualified engineers have facilitated crossovers with academia, and understand the gaps between a great idea, and a product that can be made and marketed...  Our experience spans switched mode power, analogue+digital design, embedded control, batteries, cells and BMS, EMC, Safety, RoHS, REACH.

Our clients

We work with startups and established business to address gaps in knowledge and resources.  All of our work is fully documented and compatible with ISO9001 quality systems.

Meet the Team

Dr. Andrew Fairweather is a Chartered Engineer with almost 30 years of experience within the electronics industry predominantly in power electronics, semiconductor manufacture and embedded software.   He completed his PhD in battery characterisation, part time whilst holding a position in a successful SME.  He has extensive experience in design for manufacture, EMC, safety approvals, FMEA, design verification and analysis - an expert in bringing concepts to market.

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